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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 1, 2023

Selected Yes but have a lot to question now…

A. I am a female reader and this is geared towards men but still resonates

B. The inputs to the “battery” ARE the desired results of the Profits. So that “profit” feeds back into the battery, creating a continuous amplifying loop, I think that feedback loop should be explicitly mentioned if that’s the goal here?

C. I think the main take away is that a balanced life is more desirable than an imbalanced life. The trouble being that having too many goals in all areas of life could mean you really have no goals - how do you become an obsessed top tier person in every area, it’s just not possible. Sometimes certain areas need to suffer to hit specific targets and then recalibrate. Is this message a call to recalibrate one’s goals or do I have too rigid a belief system??

D. I’m a bit confused about how those battery inputs feed the output because those inputs really are the desired profit output.

You mentioned faith is having a vision, friends being about having high quality friends.

So there are specific ways those battery inputs can become more energizing. Is that it then, the key to balance is having profit goals around other areas in your life that will ultimately help feed your Main Goal (which is implied as overall life satisfaction in this case?)

E. Could we simplify the whole model to say that if the end state is “whole life satisfaction” then goals need to be set around all of these different core life energy areas, and that a continuous positive feedback loop to greater gains is the end result.

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