Because I am not the writer and it takes no effort from me, I would say you need to take this one step further and detail how you actually build your core and your 6M. This article resonates with me, as well as likely most 25-35 year old men who aren’t meeting others through couples/kids. I think it is particularly a large problem for men who want to do something other than spend the weekend at the bar. Finding a drinking buddy is easy. Finding someone to hit the gym with and cook some steaks with is not quite as easy. So the real question for me is how do you take the next step here and actually execute on building out your columns? Where do you find men to add to your core? How do you turn acquaintances into close friends? This is the biggest challenge

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Not sure how Ryan Lowe got changed to Jason Henry...but I’ll need to fix that

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This certainly resonates with me James. However the part I struggle with most is finding other men that fit into that "core" group of people.

I find my priorities and values (family, career, self development, health, fitness, etc) don't line up with most other men my age (I am 38). So even if I happen to meet another male in my age group, chances are their priorities and values don't line up so I don't think they could ever develop into someone who lands into that "core" group.

It is a tough problem to solve, I have not found any good answers to it.

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