Fantastic article. Organization is really helpful, even for the parts I already knew.

Two questions about shoulder flexion: Like the 98%, I am many inches away from the wall.

1. Pullups? I can use a hollow body hold (impossible for an overhead barbell press), which gets me a bit closer to a canister position. Does that help enough?

2. One arm overhead? E.g. kb press or TGU (standing position)? This lets me slightly twist my body so less pressure on the shoulder.

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Hey Bob, thanks for commenting! Let me hit you back with 2 questions:

1. For the pull ups - what's the goal? what are you looking to improve? what's the target? Do you care about the pull up itself or an outcome it'll contribute to.

2. For the KB press or TGU - same questions as above



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Hey James, good questions. In a sense, I have two goals. One is physical -- not feeling like shit, general movement quality, being strong enough to control my body. The other is psychological -- I get a real sense of accomplishment from a heavy lift. To be honest, that keeps me coming back.

The TGU checks a lot of boxes. Challenging for movement quality and motor control, asymmetric which seems to help balance side-to-side differences, helps my wonky shoulder (when the weight is appropriate and I'm not too gassed). And a heavy lift (can't do that yet until my shoulder is better) feels like I got somewhere.

I've only recently started pullups again. I do like the lift itself, but I'm also hoping it will help rehab my shoulder. (I've been using a high cable with a short straight bar to pull my shoulders into flexion while I bend at the hips and control the eccentric. That has helped a lot, and I'm hoping pullups, or at least the hang phase, might be the next step.)

In terms of the accomplishment factor, I do love some lifts more than others. But I can adapt. Much as I love back squatting (and I understand why you don't), I've been doing SSB exclusively for months for shoulder reasons. I've learned to like it, maybe will learn to love it.


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